Handmade bracelets from Amsterdam
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Highlands Collection

Scotland lacks in sunny weather but the warmth and generosity of its inhabitants makes up for that. While we never got to catch a glimpse of that famous monster swimming its daily laps around Loch Ness, we did get the feeling that magic was never far away. It was so close we could almost feel it in the mysterious fog, around the ominous castles, in the raw nature with emerald green pine trees, driving long shadowy roads.

After these endless hours travelling, we poured ourselves a soothing glass of smooth and rich whisky to shrug off the weight of the day. Taking the edge off with that first sip, a couple of big cubes to cool it off slightly. At the end of the trip we took that feeling back to our hometown, Amsterdam, where each bracelet is crafted by hand with the mystery of the highlands in mind. Cheers to the Isle of Skye: where our signature minimal design meets emerald greens and rich greys of the highlands.